Daily Activities April 16 – 20 (English 10 H)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Reading Assignment for the Week: Pages 20-80

Monday, April 16


  • Read aloud section of Chapter 1 Part II (20-26)
  • Review: Assertions
  • Journal Entry: What is the most important moment in the section we read today? Why? (100 words)


Tuesday, April 17


  • 15 Minutes of Silent Reading
  • Pass back Pride and Prejudice #3 Analysis Score
  • Color code the analysis
  • Journal Entry: What strengths did your analysis have? What analysis skills will you focus on improving this week before writing your final exam essay?


Wednesday, April 18


  • 15 Minutes of Silent Reading
  • Mini Lesson: Assertions that focus on descriptions and imagery
  • Read/annotate today’s example passage
    • Page # 29-30
    • Journal Entry: How does the author use imagery to reveal the nature of the society in 1984?


Thursday, April 19


  • 20 Minutes of Silent Reading
  • Finish ACE Paragraph from yesterday
  • Share with a partner and get feedback


Friday, April 20


  • Watch clips from the 1984 movie
  • Write a response: Does the movie faithfully adapt the setting and characters?
  • Share with your Lit Groups
  • Submit your journals for the week


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