Daily Activities April 9 – 13 (English 10 H)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Monday, April 9


  • Welcome back from Spring Break! Hope you had a great week!
  • Mini Lesson: Capturing specific details
  • Revise your World War 2 poems
    • Read aloud/get feedback from 2 partners
    • Spend the second half of the period making revisions/edits
  • Final draft of your poem is due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday


Tuesday, April 10


  • Preview big ideas/themes from the story
  • Participate in artifact pass-around
    • Analyze a variety of quotes, information, and illustrations for potential connections to “1984”
  • Discuss as a full class
  • Answer Essential Questions related to 1984
    • Choose 3 from the 5 listed, and write 100 words answering each question
    • Due to Canvas by Friday at 11:59 PM


Wednesday, April 11


  • Begin “1984”
  • Read aloud a selection of chapter 1 as a class
    • Turn and Talk: What Surprised You?
  • Write a reflection using the exposition-related questions
  • Finish chapter 1 by Monday
  • World War 2 Poems Due Tonight by 11:59 PM


Thursday, April 12


  • Finish reading aloud chapter 1 of “1984”
  • Finish exposition-related questions from yesterday
  • Discuss the story in your Lit Groups
    • These groups have been assigned
  • Feast Day tomorrow! Bring in snacks you’d like to share.


Friday, April 13


  • Feast Day!
  • Share our World War 2 Poems in an Anon-a-share Poetry Slam
    • Use these poems to build background information on the world George Orwell lived in, and the types of things people feared.


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