Daily Activities March 12 – 16 (English 10 H)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Monday, March 12


  • Final Pride and Prejudice Quiz tomorrow!
    • 15 comprehension questions
    • 10 vocabulary questions
    • Passage section has been shelved – your welcome
  • Analyze article related to modern marriage
  • Quick Write: What do you notice about these statistics? What do they tell us about modern values of love and marriage? How are those different than the ones in Pride and Prejudice?
  • Share with your Lit Groups
  • Be sure to study for the quiz and submit Passage Analysis #3 to Canvas by 11:59 PM


Tuesday, March 13


  • Take Volume 3 Quiz
  • Watch clips from other Pride and Prejudice adaptations
    • Reflection: In all of these versions, what elements stay the same? What changes?


Wednesday, March 14


  • Socratic Seminar is tomorrow!
  • Socratic Seminar*
  • Work time to finish your Socratic Seminar Questions
    • You need to write 5 questions and answer 3 using ACE
    • Questions due tomorrow at the start of class
    • 3 ACE answers due by 11:59PM on Friday


Thursday, March 15


  • Socratic Seminar
  • Discuss world connections, themes and literary elements
  • Submit final unit review for “Pride and Prejudice”
  • Be ready to start a new unit next week


Friday, March 16


  • Student Choice Day!


*Indicates a link to a PDF