Daily Activities March 18 – 23 (English 10 H)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Monday, March 19


  • Introduce Research Poem Writing Project
    • Prompt: Write an original poem from the point of view of someone (real or fictional) who survived World War 2 that captures their mood/emotions.
    • Watch “The Fallen of WWII” mini documentary
    • Quick Write
  •  Topic selection due Wednesday
  • Annotated bibliography due to Canvas by Friday


Tuesday, March 20


  • Watch TED Talk from a World War 2 Survivor
  • Mini Lesson: Narrowing your Topic
  • Be prepared to begin your research tomorrow
  • If you finish choosing a topic, begin your annotated bibliography


Wednesday, March 21


  • Mini Lesson: Finding Reliable Sources
    • Introduce checklist for “reliable sources”
    • Go over databases and reliable search engines
  • Locate reliable sources to use for your annotated bibliography


Thursday, March 22


  • Mini Lesson: Writing an annotation paragraph. Include:
    • What you learned from the source
    • How you know the source is reliable (Use the CRAAP test)
    • How this source will influence the mood, imagery, or sound of your poem
    • (150 words each)
  • Begin working on your annotated bibliography


Friday, March 23



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