Daily Activities March 5 – 9 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, March 5


  • Introduce this week’s Free Write topic: Setting
  • Mini Lesson: Setting as character
  • Observe for 5 minutes in the CCA
  • Quick Write about FHS using the following strategy
  • Distribute this week’s Character Questions
    • Character Questions Handout* (Due Thursday)
    • Character Question of the Day: Where does your character live and spend most of his/her time?


Tuesday, March 6


  • Character Question of the Day: Describe your character’s bedroom. What does it look like? What possessions are there?
  • Mini Lesson: Components of setting
  • Read a model text – how did the author develop the setting?


Wednesday, March 7


  • Character Question of the Day: What places does your character hate? Why?
  • Mini Lesson: Conflict from settings
  • Read a model text – How does the setting create conflict?
  • Choice Writing Day


Thursday, March 8


  • Character Question of the Day: Where are some of your character’s favorite places to visit. This could be vacation spots or places they travel.
    • Submit your Character Questions handout by the end of the period
  • Watch movie clips and analyze how the setting plays a role in the story
    • What personality does the setting have?
    • What components are included?
    • How does the setting create conflict?
  • Finish one Free Write prompt to submit to Canvas
  • Due tomorrow: 1 piece of writing


Friday, March 9


  • Watch a TED Talk
  • Write 100 words in response to the TED Talk
    • What did the speaker discuss?
    • What was interesting
  • Share your Free Writes with clock partners until the end of the period
  • Submit to Canvas by 11:59PM


*Indicates a link to a PDF