Daily Activities March 5 – 9 (English 10 H)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Pride and Prejudice reading for the week: 292 – 345 by Thursday; finish the book on Friday

Monday, March 5


  • 20 minutes of Silent Reading
  • Note any interesting passages
  • Passage Analysis #3 due by next Monday to Canvas
    • Rubric
  • Finish/summarize the ending of the movie
    • Discuss important moments as a full class


Tuesday, March 6


  • Silent read for 15 minutes
  • Note any interesting passages
  • Pass back/color code Passage Analysis #2
    • Trade with partners and write a reflection


Wednesday, March 7


  • Silent read for 15 minutes
  • Write passage analysis #3
  • Be prepared for a class read aloud tomorrow pages 345-358


Thursday, March 8


  • Read aloud pages 345-348
  • Turn and Talk: What surprised you?
  • Quick Discussion with your Lit Groups
    • Passage analysis due Monday


Friday, March 9


  • Finish reading the book on your own or in partners
  • Work on a study guide for Tuesday’s quiz
  • Finish your passage analysis and submit to Canvas


*Indicates a link to a PDF