Daily Activities March 5 – 9 (English 10)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Assigned reading for the week: My Sister’s Keeper pages 333-411

Monday, March 5


  • Silent read for 20 minutes
  • Quickwrite: Rank the characters in “My Sister’s Keeper.” Then write a reflection that explains why you ranked them the way you did. Which characters in the story do you find the most compelling or interesting?
  • Share your rankings
  • Distribute Character Timeline
  • Due Thursday (10 points)
    • This is the final grade of the 9 weeks


Tuesday, March 6


  • Group Discussion
  • Focus: Character Changes/Lessons
    • Focus Question: How has your group’s character changed since the beginning of the story?


Wednesday, March 7


  • Silent read for 20 minutes
  • Work on character timeline (due Thursday)
  • Don’t forget to answer the character response question at the bottom of the page


Thursday, March 8


  • Read aloud Anna, Brian, and Campbell chapters (p. 374)
  • Turn and Talk Responses: What surprised you?
  • Submit your Character Timeline


Friday, March 9


  • Last call for Character Timelines
    • This is the final grade of the 9 weeks
  • Silent read pages 399- 412 + catch up on any late reading
    • Make sure you are ready to finish the book on Monday.
  • Work on Comprehension Quiz study guide
    • Multiple choice on Tuesday


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