Daily Activities March 12 – 16 (English 10)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Monday, March 12


  • Finish the book as a read aloud
  • Read pages 412-end
  • React to the end of the story
    • What is your reaction? What are we supposed to learn from the ending?
    • Discuss in groups
  • Reminder: Multiple choice quiz tomorrow


Tuesday, March 13


  • Take Multiple Choice Comprehension Quiz
  • Finish the movie version of the story
  • Write about your reactions: What is your reaction? What is your response to this ending? Which ending did you prefer? Why?


Wednesday, March 14


  • Outline/Plan Literary Essay
  • Mini Lesson: Reviewing the parts of an essay
  • Be prepared to write your essay tomorrow in class (this is due by the end of the period tomorrow)


Thursday, March 15


  • Write a literary essay over “My Sister’s Keeper”
    • You have 1 full class period to write
    • This is practice for the final exam essay
  • Complete end of unit survey
    • +1 Bonus point


Friday, March 16


  • Student Choice Day!

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