Daily Activities April 9 – 13 (English 10)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Monday, April 9


  • Welcome back from Spring Break! Hope you had a great week!
  • Mini Lesson: Using an editing checklist
  • Revise your research essay
    • Read aloud/get feedback from 1 partner
    • Work on making revisions/edits
  • Final draft of your essay is due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday


Tuesday, April 10


  • Preview big ideas/themes from the story
  • Participate in artifact pass-around
    • Analyze a variety of quotes, information, and illustrations for potential connections to “Julius Caesar”
  • Discuss as a full class
  • Work on Julius Caesar vocabulary

Wednesday, April 11


  • Begin “Julius Caesar”
    • Introduce read aloud expectations
    • Read as a full class
  • Today’s Reading: Act 1 Scene 1 and 2
  • Write Journal: Summarize the plot so far. What were the major events in the section you read today?
  • Don’t forget to submit your argument essays today by 11:59 PM to Canvas


Thursday, April 12


  • As a full class, listen to the original Shakespeare version on Audiobook
  • Listen to: Act 1 Scene 1 and 2
  • Write Journal: What emotions were in this section of the play? Which lines seemed the most descriptive or interesting?


Friday, April 13


  • Take Julius Caesar Introduction Quiz
  • Begin watching clips of the movie “Mean Girls”
  • Journal: What connections can you make between this story and Julius Caesar?


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