Daily Activities May 14 – 18 (English 10)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Links to listen to the Podcast: Click here

Monday, May 14


  • Finish listening to Episode 3 of “Dirty John”
  • Finish discussion questions/talk about them as a full class
    • Submit Listening Guide #1


Tuesday, May 15



Wednesday, May 16


  • Listen to Episode 5 of “Dirty John” on your own
  • Mini Lesson: Abusive Behavior Red Flags
  • Complete the listening guide
    • Review the main events of the podcast and determine when John displayed these Red Flags


Thursday, May 17


  • Listen to Episode 6 of “Dirty John” on your own
  • Finish the Red Flags handout/discuss


Friday, May 18


  • Watch interviews with the people from the podcast
  • Finish your listening guide
  • Complete the post-listening survey


*Indicates a link to a PDF