Daily Activities January 15 – 19 (English 10H)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click here

Monday, January 15


  • No school!


Tuesday, January 16


  • Make-up work from Friday: Group Discussion over short stories
    • Submit your packet by the end of the period
  • Introduce personal narrative assignment
    • Quick Write Journal to brainstorm ideas
    • Rough draft is due to Canvas by Friday


Wednesday, January 17


  • Go over Personal Narrative Rubric
  • Read example personal narrative
    • War*
    • Annotate for descriptive language (similes, metaphors, imagery)
  • Start writing your narrative
    • Brainstorm a list of ideas
    • Begin writing to get ideas down on paper


Thursday, January 18


  • Mini Lesson: Attention grabbers and hooks
  • Writing workshop time


Friday, January 19


  • Mini Lesson: Imagery
  • Writing workshop time
  • Submit your rough draft on Monday to Canvas by 11:59 PM


*Indicates a link to a PDF