Daily Activities February 5 – 9 (English 10)

Link to the slideshow/notes for this week: Click Here

Reading Assignment for the week: 49 -130

Monday, February 5


  • Mini Lesson: What Surprised you?
  • Listen to Audio-book
  • Journal Entry: What is your reaction to this chapter of the story? (100 words)
    • Whose side are you on?
    • Who has a better chance of winning the case?


Tuesday, February 6


  • Silent Reading
  • Journal: What is your response to the pages you read today
  • Search for Signposts
    • 3 needed total by Friday


Wednesday, February 7


  • Silent reading time
  • Analyze poetry/quotes that start each “Day” in the story
    • Journal: What did you notice about these poems?(100 words)
    • Share with partners
    • Discuss as a full class


Thursday, February 8


  • Silent Reading
  • Journal Entry
    • Write about a text to text, text to self, or text to world connection to the story (100 words)
  • Group Discussion Day
    • Meet your group and break the ice!
  • Homework: Journals due tomorrow and be sure to look over the main events in this section of the story to prepare for the Reading Check In


Friday, February 9


  • Reading Check In
    • 15 points
  • Watch more of the film version
    • Reflect on changes to plot
    • Discuss as a full class


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