Daily Activities February 26 – March 2 (English 10)

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My Sister’s Keeper Pages for the Week: 260-332

Monday, February 26


  • Mini Lesson: What Surprised you?
  • Listen to Audio-book
  • Journal Entry: What is your response to what you read today?(100 words)


Tuesday, February 27


  • Silent Reading (15 mins)
  • Journal Entry: What is your response to what you read today? (100 words)
  • Annotate for Signposts in partners


Wednesday, February 28


  • Group Discussion Day
  • Focus: Responses and Attitudes toward Family
    • How does your group’s character approach/feel about family? How do you know?
  • Discuss as a full class
  • Journal Entry: What themes are appearing in the story about family?


Thursday, March 1


  • Silent reading time (15 minutes)
  • Analyze the Poetry that begins each “Day”
  • Journal: What do you notice about the new poems? What ideas repeat? (100 words)
  • Check-In Quiz Tomorrow (15 points)


Friday, March 2


  • Take Reading Check In
  • Continue watching the movie
    • Keep track of changes between the book and movie
    • Discuss in partners/full class


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