Daily Activities March 26 – 30 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, March 26


  • Mini Lesson: Revising for Character Descriptions
    • We will review your work to make sure you have included details about the character’s looks, actions, speech, thoughts, and interactions with others that help the reader get to know your character
  • Share with clock partners
  • Submit your Rough Drafts by the end of the period – anyone who finished his/her rough draft can start on the final draft


Tuesday, March 27


  • Mini Lesson: Revising Your Ending
    • Go over notes on types of story endings – this can be the trickiest part of the story to write.
  • Share with clock partners
  • Revision work time
  • Reminder: Writer’s Spotlight on Friday


Wednesday, March 28


  • Watch TED Talk
    • The Puzzle of Motivation by Daniel Pink
  • Work on Writer’s Spotlight – be ready to share tomorrow
    • Bring in a TEXT that you like and want to share. This could be a few pages of a novel, a scene from a movie screenplay, a poem, etc.
  • Class Poetry Book Survey


Thursday, March 29


  • Distribute editing checklist: Don’t forget to work on the final draft of your story!
  • Share Writer’s Spotlight
  • Read aloud with partners and then the full class
  • Submit the handout for 5 points


Friday, March 30


  • The first day of Spring Break!
  • Submit your story by 11:59 tonight to receive +1 Bonus Point!
  • All final drafts are due by Monday, April 9 at 11:59 PM