Daily Activities January 22 – 26 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, January 22


  • Introduce Memoir Writing Assignment
  • Brainstorm ideas with a writing marathon
    • You MUST be writing for the entire writing marathon
    • Sentence Starter: I remember when…


Tuesday, January 23


  • Read and annotate a mentor text
    • The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
    • What vivid or creative vocabulary stands out to you?
    • Where do you see evidence of imagery and emotion?
    • What are the major elements of a memoir?
  • Discuss findings with partners and end with a full class discussion
  • Optional: Here are additional mentor texts that you are free to use while writing


Wednesday, January 24


  • Rough draft of memoir is now due on Monday to Canvas


Thursday, January 25


  • Begin memoir rough drafts
  • Mini Lesson: Zooming in on a moment
  • Use the rest of the period for writing time
    • Rough draft due Monday


Friday, January 26


  • Continue memoir rough draft
  • Mini Lesson: Using imagery
  • Use the rest of the period for writing time
    • Be prepared to submit rough draft on Monday


*Indicates a link to a PDF