Daily Activities January 29 – February 2 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, January 29

  • Mini Lesson: Adding figurative language
  • Writing Work Time
  • Rough draft due tonight
    • Submit to Canvas by 11:59 PM


Tuesday, January 30


  • Mini Lesson: Revision vs. Editing
  • Distribute Grammar Editing Checklist
  • Revise/Share your piece with at least 1 clock partner
  • Optional: Conferences with Ms. Ripley


Wednesday, January 31


  • Brainstorm Day
    • Brainstorm Day*
    • Brainstorm new topics and ideas to write about
    • Submit a Brainstorm reflection to Canvas (5 points)
  • Continue to work/finish your rough draft


Thursday, February 1


  • Watch “You Elusive Creative Genius” TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Response: How does the speaker define creativity? How does she think you can become more creative? (100 words)
  • Assign Writer Spotlight #2


Friday, February 2


  • Writer Spotlight Share Day!
    • Meet with clock partners
    • Submit Writer Spotlight (5 points)
  • Final draft of memoir due tonight by 11:59 PM

*Indicates a link to a PDF