Daily Activities February 5 – 9 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, February 5


  • Memoir Sharing Day
    • Open Canvas and click “Files.” All memoirs have been posted and assigned with a random number. Read as many as you want of your classmates’ work.
    • Leave post-it note comments for your classmates after you read their essay. Afterwards, we’ll give class shout outs to awesome pieces!
  • Plan a new character to write about this week


Tuesday, February 6


  • Character Question of the Day: What is something that your character would like to throw away, but can’t?
  • Introduce the Writing Focus of this week: Emotions
  • Mini Lesson: Creating mood
  • Prompt: Pick a bitmoji and write about something that captures that emotion
    • Share with a clock partner
    • Reflect: What personal strengths did you learn that your clock partner had, based on what they wrote about?


Wednesday, February 7


  • Character Question of the Day: What is one thing your character knows is true?
  • Mini Lesson: Using word choice to create tone
  • Choice Writing Day
  •  1 piece of writing due on Friday (Be prepared to share with your writing groups)


Thursday, February 8


  • Character Question of the Day: If his/her house caught on fire, what possessions would your character try to save?
    • Submit your Character Questions handout by the end of the period
  • Finish one prompt to submit to Canvas
  • Due tomorrow: 1 piece of writing


Friday, February 9


  • Friday Share day!
  • Write a reflection
  • Share with clock partners
    • BONUS! Share your piece with the class
  • Submit your work by 11:59 PM to Canvas


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