Daily Activities February 12 – 16 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, February 12


  • Introduction to Poetry
  • Poetry Silent Discussion
    • Pass around and read a variety of short poems
    • Rank the poems on a scale of 1-5 (1=hated it, 5 =loved it)
  • Full class discussion on what makes a good poem
  • Find an example of a poem you like:
  • Write that poem on a blank piece of paper (legibly)
  • Bring this tomorrow for a class poetry pass around


Tuesday, February 13


  • Poetry Pass Around Round 2
    • Make notes about what you notice, and what is relatable about the poem
  • Share poems in groups of clock partners
  • Optional: Share poems in front of the class
  • Write a short reflection about what makes a “good poem”
    • Submit your reflection and poem to the Turn in Tray


Wednesday, February 14


  • Read model found poems: What do you notice?
  • Begin Found Poetry Assignment
  • Create your own found poem using newspapers and art supplies


Thursday, February 15


  • Mini Lesson: Focusing your poem
    • Tips for “zooming in” in poetry
  • Continue working on Found Poetry Project


Friday, February 16


  • Mini Lesson: Using images in found poetry
  • Finish working on Found Poetry Project
    • Due Monday


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