Daily Activities February 19 – 23 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, February 19


  • No school! President’s Day


Tuesday, February 20


  • Found poems due today (20 points)
    • Share poems in a class gallery walk
  • Begin original poem
    • Distribute rubrics
    • Watch Sarah Key’s TED Talk for inspiration
    • Start brainstorming ideas for a poem


Wednesday, February 21



Thursday, February 22


  • Mini Lesson: Figurative language and description techniques
    • Go over similes, metaphors, hyperbole, personification and imagery
    • Watch/Read/Annotate “To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter”
    • Use the example as a model for your own poem
  • Work on writing your poem


Friday, February 23


  • Mini Lesson: Sound techniques
    • Go over rhythm, rhyme and repetition techniques
    • Watch/Read/Annotate “Explaining Depression to My Mother”
    • Use the example as a model for your own poem
  • Rough draft due Monday by 11:59 PM


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