Daily Activities February 26 – March 2 (Creative Writing)

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Monday, February 26


  • Share poem rough drafts with clock partners
  • Revise for sound and word choice
    • Give feedback to your partners using the Peer Sharing Sheet
  • Rough drafts due tonight by 11:59PM


Tuesday, February 27


  • Brainstorm Day!
  • Spend 15-20 minutes brainstorming new ideas to write about
  • Submit a reflection on your brainstormed topics to Canvas (5 points)
  • Continue working on the final draft of your poem – due Thursday by 7:30AM to Canvas


Wednesday, February 28


  • Watch examples of spoken word poetry
  • Full class discussion on performance techniques
    • Submit your final draft by 7:35 AM tomorrow morning
    • Ms. Ripley will print all of the poems out and pass them out
    • Students who forget to submit a final draft on time will be docked 5 points for the poetry slam 10 point participation activity


Thursday, March 1


  • Poetry Slam Day!
  • Place your poem in one of 3 piles:
    • 1: You’ll read your poem aloud yourself
    • 2: Someone else can read your poem and give you credit
    • 3: Someone else will read your poem anonymously
  • Begin reading through the poems (we will finish them tomorrow)


Friday, March 2


  • Finish poetry slam
  • Have a poetry Graffiti Wall conversation
    • What have you learned from our poetry unit?
    • Have a silent conversation and take a look at what others groups discussed.
  • Write a short reflection on your reaction to poetry week and submit it to Ms. Ripley

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